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Hey there! Ready to be a client magnet? I work with coaches and consultants who are tired of the hustle and are ready to have followers sliding in their DMs with my proven Posting for Profit framework.

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Ready to learn how to get your next client with social media? Getting clients online doesn’t have to be so complicated. So many Coaches + Consultants aren’t taking the steps needed to have continuous clients coming from social media. Download this free blueprint and I’ll should you my signature step-by-step strategy to turn followers into high-paying clients without feeling sales-y.


Imagine if people said "I need to work with you!" Instead of asking to pick your brain.

Posting for Profit

The solution for coaches and consultants who want to ditch low hourly sessions and attract more high-paying clients with social media.

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We have coaching calls every Wednesday and a Q&A session every Friday! We'll also have two guest coaches to teach a business topic that will help you get clients saying "yes" even faster.

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Say "bye-bye" to guesswork! You'll have lifetime access to training modules, scripts, and templates to help you easily sign your next client through social media.

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We have whole community dedicated to collaboration, answering questions, and holding each other accountable. We're in this together!

Hey, I'm Jamar!

I help Online Coaches + Consultants build an unapologetically authentic personal brand to attract dream clients. You already have people who like, scratch that, LOVE when you show up being completely yourself. Editing who you are online isn't going to help you get more clients. It's just going to make your job a lot less fun. With my help you'll learn how to build your influence and create scalable ways to monetize it.


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I’m making videos that answer questions coaching clients have all the time. Hang out with me every Monday for lightbulb moments and lots of laughs!

"I know there’s definitely no way on my own that I could’ve broken down the steps, known the best way, and made myself stay on track to build everything without Jamar’s program."

Claire Yanta-O’Mahoney
Virtual Fitness Trainer + Nutritionist

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